A Discourse on the Return to School

This was some kind of "getting to know you" essay assigned on the first day of 11th grade English.  It's a markedly mature essay in its tone and vocabulary, and I'm not as embarrassed by it as I thought I'd be.  I guess we're always good at writing about ourselves.  I have no idea what the title means.
Morpheus Stagnation vs. Herculean Animation

a discourse on the return to school

The definition of life is the adaptation and reaction to changes in our environment.  How well we deal with these changes dictates how well we will survive.  Transitions are tough for me, so I make a conscious effort to rid my life of most changes.  I feel that some changes are not worth the personal sacrifice of time and mental fortitude required to transition from one pattern to another.  The most recent change that I have to make was dragging myself out of summer vacation and back into school.  This transformation caused many new thoughts to be aroused, specifically, those dealing with productivity, education, and freedom.

Summer was good to me this year.  It seemed to stretch out longer than necessary for my own pleasure and laziness.  Marching band started as usual in July, but I like band, and it provides an excellent warm-up for school.  My spare time consisted of overeating, long naps, wasting time on the Internet, and plenty of movies.  I always was aware of the fact that school was an impending “force to be reckoned with”, but thoughts like that just convinced me all the more that I would be Mr. Unproductivity this summer.  As The Day approached, I swore that I would be prepared early this year, and I was, all locked and loaded, ready to tackle school as one would a physical assailant.

As I’ve stated before, transitions are very difficult occurrences for me.  Especially so, in this case, because it concerned such a major part of my life: school.  As a sort of warm-up to going to school, I started waking up earlier, eating breakfast faster, etc., while still in the middle of August.  I suppose I felt that if I got a running start, school couldn’t sink its claws in too deeply.  I think even more important than the physical preparations, was the preliminary mindset which I felt was necessary to assume when making such a momentous transfer of self, from hedonistic to ascetic, from Epicurean to Stoic.  Unless this was done, I thought, emotional turmoil would result.  It is perhaps a fallacy to see this transition as an enslavement of personal liberties, but if one looks at the less aesthetic aspects of being dragged from air conditioning, overeating, and my computer to seemingly endless days of heat, boredom, sadistic workloads, and a great deal of tedium, the presence of negative feelings becomes somewhat justified.  I, of course, recognized, and still do recognize, the long-term benefits of school.  Whenever I would feel down about going back to school, I would chant to myself the mantra, “It’s for your own good.”, or maybe just “college, college, college”.  Nevertheless, I returned to school with positive hopes and an iron academic will.

The return to school has always been an adventure for me.  One of the greatest challenges that I’ve had to face is trying to gauge my new teachers and courses every year.  Also, I am not used to the sheer number of people that I see at school.  I tend to live a hermit’s life during the summer, only emerging for band rehearsal, perhaps a bit of in-line skating, and the occasional game of Laser Tag.  I, of course, am glad to see friends with which I have lost contact during the summer, but it definitely is a minor culture shock for me.  There is the recurring problem of finding classrooms, but as a junior, I feel I know the school fairly well.  I will miss the fun I had during the summer, but with every loss there is a gain, and I am willing to accept it.

The change from summer vacation to school is a good example of a beneficial transition, even though some view it as a necessary evil.  I am aware that changes like this, especially where regarding school, will probably affect my life.  My constitution stands ready for more changes like it.  I hope other students see this progression as a positive one, for positivity breeds success.


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