On this day in 1993, at 15:42 local, members of the U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Delta, Air Force Pararescue, and the 160th SOAR began their attempted arrest of Omar Salad Elmi in the city of Mogadishu.

18 of our brothers

"Every battle is a drama played out apart from broader issues. Soldiers cannot concern themselves with the forces that bring them to a fight, or its aftermath. They trust their leaders not to risk their lives for too little. Once the battle is joined, they fight to survive as much as to win, to kill before they are killed.

The story of combat is timeless. It is about the same things whether in Troy or Gettysburg, Normandy or the Ia Drang. It is about soldiers, most of them young, trapped in a fight to the death. The extreme and terrible nature of war touches something essential about being human, and soldiers do not always like what they learn.

For those who survive, the victors and the defeated, the battle lives on in their memories and nightmares and in the dull ache of old wounds. It survives as hundreds of searing private memories, memories of loss and triumph, shame and pride, struggles each veteran must refight every day of his life."                                                                                                                                

-- Mark Bowden, Black Hawk Down


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