Measure out my life in empty bags of Starbucks coffee, sticks of spent incense, clarinet reeds, tire rotations, personal days, pieces of floss, double A batteries, broken pens, printer cartridges gone dry, kitchen sponges, Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, ruined toothbrushes, index cards, Kleenex, old resumes, dead pets, empty boxes, pencil shavings, apologies, mini USB cables, acquiescences, entries in my Netflix history, CD shrink wrap, expired passwords, ejaculations, Band-aids, acts of contrition, jobs, moves, marriages, tumors, t-shirts, tenpenny nails, chastisements, forgivenesses, watch bands, failures to meditate, cold silences, dawns, empty cans of Raid, umbrellas, lies, binder clips, diplomas, gray cubicles, underwear, glaucoma tests, bad bosses, wasted Saturdays, gurus, friends, bottles of shampoo, bruises, or new pairs of shoes, but please, please, not birthdays.

An parable about working in the software industry

Up in the trees