Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: Afterword and bibliography

The previous three posts are driven and inspired by Gary Roberts's insanely compellingly detailed description of these events in his book Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend. His writing reminded me that creating heroes retroactively robs our culture by replacing true acts of astonishing skill and luck with vague and poorly understood myths.

As as blogger, I have no responsibility to academic comprehensiveness, and I have chosen a skeleton of the events of that day in October on which to drape the true emotional story which I need to tell.

That said, I have a responsibility to those men, and to you, to resist the common temptation of revisionist mythmaking. The men and the events can only be hurt by my intervention. The facts are as accurate as I can possibly make them, and everything inside quotation marks is an actual documented quote from a reasonable source, usually Roberts's book or Wikipedia. Please feel free to call bullshit and I will attempt to support or redress.

The creative aspect of this endeavor was in the crafting of an arc from the events, and in the men's internal monologues, which are about 60% supported by my sources. However, what leaps I felt compelled to make for the sake of narrative are of the minimum emotional distance. I felt that these liberties were an important link between the modern reader and that distant, dusty past, without which the story would lay dry and academic on the screen. It was my sole purpose to allow this story to avoid that fate, and I hope I may be forgiven.

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