Ode to a Bad Audition

There was a little girl,

Her hair as blonde as snow.

She knew she had a future in the business we call show.

She took a lot of class.

She spent a lot of bread.

She had a lot of talent force-fed right into her head.

They said that she was ready,

That she could be a pro,

That all they had to teach was stuff that she already knowed.

But when the moment came

For her to make the choice

To turn a pleasant hobby into work, she lost her voice!

She tried a little dance

To win over their hearts,

But when she took a step her shoes broke into fifteen parts!

She grabbed a bunch of balls

And tossed them in the air,

But when she tried to juggle she just tripped over a chair!

She struck a serious pose

And mimed out her Macbeth,

acting all she could with naked feet and 'spensive dress.

The director raised a hand

And said "For goodness sake!

We saw at once that you're about five, ten pounds overweight!"

Reflections While Jogging Through Coney Island Listening to Cartalk

Character (a poem)