Thoughts in Union Square

I thought that I had time to eat a falafel before the RiffTrax show sold out; turns out I was wrong.  I balked at the $4.50 price tag,  but didn't feel like shopping around.  'S wasn't worth it.

A black man yells at a Chinese boy flubbing a skateboard trick "Quit bringing your left leg up!  Let that shit flow!".  I'm insanely jealous that I have no idea what he's talking about

There is a large sukka in Union Square.  I'm asked by a young Hasid "Excuse me, are you a Jewish man, sir?".  The minute  I feel his eyes on me I'm automatically speaking my default response to street-spam "No, I'm sorry".  He honestly doesn't mind. It occurs to me that his and his brethren's purpose in the square today is not to proselytize and recruit, but to just try to get Jewish men to practice the rituals of Sukkot.  His lack of being annoying dooms his faith to obscurity and slow death in my mind.

A passing bus ad provokes a bolt of cognitive assonance: Judaism is the Yahoo of religions.  Once insanely popular, often eclipsed, now much maligned and declining to obsolescence.  What's the Google of religions?  Apathetic nihilism.

The last hunk of my falafel sandwich is all onions and cabbage.  I scrape the gunk into the bag and force the hummus-soaked pita into my stomach.  The book Alive springs to mind.

P.C. Richard and Son, it's amazing how much I don't care that you're having a 100th anniversary.  If you'd have asked me yesterday how old P.C. Richard and Son is, I'd have said I couldn't care less.  But I would have been wrong.  I care less right now.  My guess is that my care reduces exponentially with each passing day.

I see a poster for Jeff Dunham's new series.  Whatever bullshit I'm dealing with this limping stillborn I call my career, at least I'm not trying to single-handedly revive a dead comedic form.

Below is an unrelated cool picture of Harry Houdini, his wife, and his entourage on tour.  It's from Kalush and Sloman's  book, which I own and love.

[caption id="attachment_154" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Two people traveling around trying to make an honest million"]Two people traveling around trying to make an honest million[/caption]

Mamet is Trying to Help You

O Lady Cursing at the Metrocard machine