O Lady Cursing at the Metrocard machine

O lady cursing at the Metrocard machine, do not fret: it turns out that you don’t miss your train after all.

Yea, but don’t we all know the frustration of a morning’s flight arrested by “Insufficient fare”.  That winking faded green bitch message from the turnstile, parading your poorness or lack of foresight or poor memory to the world.  And now of all times, when Time is foremost on the mind.

I can tell by your clean clothes and styled hair that you are not a Crazy, so why acteth so?  Your Anger and Upset permeate the station in billowing waves, like a helicopter crashing into a building in The Matrix.  Know that you and I, our minds are connected, yea, even unto every other mind; pain that you allow to run free must be my pain too.

Look forward, through your Agitation, and see that trains come and go.  You’ve surely seen trains that leave early or leave late, so you know that even with the best of schedulings we are ever at the mercy of the Greater Forces, those of us who bind ourselves to bus and rail and cab, there is no perfect scheduling for us; we must simply do what e’er we can.

And look forward, through your Timescape, and see that you make the train that you were fretting about.  See that despite your angry cries at steel and sky, the Greater Forces favored you today.  You needn’t have disturbed your fellow travelers’ peace with your Crazy.

So fret not, my lady, trains will come and trains will go.  Unhealthy energy brings no order to the world, only tumors and ulcers and shitty blogs like this.  Know that the only salve for a wounded schedule is to keep moving forward, with a smile.

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